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Modelling a face class

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Video recorded class - English

With a doll-like, highly expressive face, Barbara's figurines are entirely handmade with no need for moulds. In this course you will be learning how to model a face using modelling paste.

You will learn how to create a cute doll like face from start to finish, and you will get many important tips that will help you to avoid mistakes. This course is perfect for those who want to learn a new skill or for those seeking to improve theirs. The class is also part 1 of Emma class, all focused on how to sculpt a face.
Once purchased you will be emailed a downloadable document which will contain the password requested for watching the video on my website together with the list of materials.


1- Download the PDF file attached after the purchase

2- Go on

3- Insert the password given (It's written on PDF file)

4- Enjoy the class, you can re-watch it all the time

The class is a pre-recorded video, please remember the video is not to be downloaded or shared with other people.
The class is just for you to use create your own figures. You should not re-teach them to your own students or share the video tutorial with others.

A virtual HUG <3 xx


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